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For me, Josm always displays the data on the screen with North pointing to the top of the screen and this suits me 99% of the time.

I would prefer to be able to change this sometimes, mainly to spin around all the displayed data inc sat imagery to face the same direction as the geotagged photo I am using. e.g. with southeast at the top of the screen.

Is this possible?

asked 13 Jan '15, 09:52

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I do not know if that works, but maybe one could set up a manual projection which is the same as "Mercator" but just rotated?! Update: I looked a bit around in the apparently relevant JOSM code, but was not really successful in finding out how this could work.

I would suggest you open an enhancement request (ticket) there (please create an account – not your — first and login).

(14 Jan '15, 15:19) aseerel4c26 ♦

I have decided not to open an enhancement request (ticket) because it is something that I can easy enough manage without and could not justify the effort required for the devs to implement. Thanks for having a look at the code. I shall sharpen my spatial sense instead.

(15 Jan '15, 12:11) nevw

It's not an issue of spatial sense... it's an issue of productivity. If you're transcribing a map that isn't oriented North up, then you will still spend a lot of time translating / mentally rotating text, etc.

(03 Sep '19, 18:59) jeffmeyer
(18 May '21, 13:38) Richlv

Is this possible?

It's probably easier to rotate your image

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answered 14 Jan '15, 14:38

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And if you have text on your image and can't read it upside down then just rotate your monitor, too ;)

(14 Jan '15, 15:18) scai ♦

He doesn't want to rotate JOSM because of the content of the image but because of it's direction. Maybe his spatial sense isn't good enough to imagine the data being rotated but needs to see it.

(14 Jan '15, 17:31) malenki

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