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Hi Guys,

I was hoping for some help on how to mark such a road as is pictured below, with two, two lane one way roads and a third turning lane on each which intersects a two-way residential road with different road names north and south of "Grand Promenade"

This is in reference to the road portion within the median (See:

(A) Should it remain nameless (the roads either side have different names

(B) What road type highway tag should be used, a link road? (I assume not) And assuming that the southern road is residential and the northern is tertiary, then what road type should be used (teritary, residential, or something else?)

alt text

The below message contains inaccurate data and is preserved for posterity only

UPDATE: Thank you, I am overwhlemed by the community response, its great! Also I have formatted the road as shown below in response to comments, with the middle road an unnamed primary link (Also note on "Grand Promenade" a U-Turn is permitted in both directions, and there's a kerb/physical barrier as the median.)

alt text

asked 06 Jan '15, 10:17

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meta: please just upload the image here. Use the "edit" link below your question and then the image symbol in the edit toolbar.

(07 Jan '15, 02:20) aseerel4c26 ♦

Hi aseerel4c26 :) As I am a new user they don't let me upload pics on the site until I have more reputation points or something...

(07 Jan '15, 04:24) aaronsta

This is not a wiki page, please don't put answers in your question. Keep your original question and add answers below.

(19 Jan '15, 14:21) scai ♦

My village maligawad how to add Road name plz add malligawad village Road add name

(03 Dec '19, 16:11) amvresh

(A) Yes, because it doesn't have a name. (B) Yes, link road, i.e. primary_link.

That's how I would do it. Also, in my area I would almost always add only_straight_on restriction from the link road to each of the two residential roads, so routing doesn't tell to do U-turns there.

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answered 06 Jan '15, 10:47

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Thanks very much raito, its great to get your input

(06 Jan '15, 11:47) aaronsta

wouldn't it be better to have two no_u_turn restrictions where link-road is the "via" in the relation ? anything else seems to block a valid turn

(06 Jan '15, 13:02) escada

@escada & @aaronsta Sorry, my bad. In this case, only_straight_on wouldn't make sense as traffic from residential roads won't be able to turn right. only_straight_on can only work with T-intersections then.

So, like escada said, it's the link-road way as the "via" of a no_u_turn restriction, and probably have to split the primaries.. (right?)

(06 Jan '15, 13:44) raito

that's indeed how I would do it (with the split of the primaries), in case u-turns are forbidden

(06 Jan '15, 14:51) escada

I may be missing the point completely here, but isn't this a case where "turn:lanes" would be the better solution? I've mocked up an example on the api06 dev server:

(to see the tags, you'll need to edit the data, which in turn will need a login on the dev server)

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answered 06 Jan '15, 18:35

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SomeoneElse ♦
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I agree. There is absolutely no need for separate ways here.

(06 Jan '15, 18:52) scai ♦

if there is no physical barrier between the two directions that is indeed the correct solution. I (wrongly?) assumed there is such a barrier.

(06 Jan '15, 19:40) escada

Does "turn:lanes" restrict routing software from telling to turn? Isn't it just for visual?

And as for not splitting the primaries, the last time I did that on JOSM, the validator gave me error/warning message saying something like "the ways 'to' and 'from' not connected" implying to me the 'from-via-to' has to be in one line. I'll ignore that next time and test its routing.

(07 Jan '15, 01:57) raito

(A) No, the "road portion within the median" is still part of the "main" street, even though a small segment. Think about a speaking navigation system. You are coming from the minor south street "Kobelke Street" going to the minor "Kerry Street" (crossing the major street). Without a named segment, it will say "at the end of Kobelke Street, drive 10 meters straight forward then continue on Kerry Street, etc" (or something similar). With a named segment, it can tell you "at the end of Kobelke Street, take the Grand Promenade" road on 10 meters then continue on Kerry Street, etc"

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answered 06 Jan '15, 16:50

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When named that way, though, someone turning right from the main road onto one of the side roads would be told "Straight on Grand Promenade, turn right on Grand Promenade, continue straight on Kerry Street". I think the moral of the story is that there isn't a universally-clean way to handle such a situation.

(06 Jan '15, 18:03) alester

If it is tagged as *_link road, that should be easy enough for navigation system to handle.

(07 Jan '15, 02:05) raito

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