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I want to export with the following command a certain area with osmosis. In this case, I am interested only certain tags.

osmosis.bat --read-pbf file=germany-latest.osm.pbf --bounding-box top=51.2434 left=13.3147 bottom=50.8718 right=14.2280 --tf accept-ways cn_tud:token=* cn_ukd:token=* route=bus,tram,train --used-node --write-xml file=export.osm

The following relation, for example, is exported correctly, because the "tag" "cn_tud: token is included".

relation id="7651" version="14" timestamp="2014-10-29T18:50:29Z" changeset="26419250" member type="way" ref="194784029" role="outer" member type="way" ref="23326559" role="inner" member type="way" ref="23326561" role="inner" ... tag k="cn_tud:token" v="SCH" ... relation

The "member" of the "type = way" with the "ref = 23326559" is in relation also exists, but the "way" with the "id = 23326559" and the "nodes" is missing.

So the following is missing:

way id="23326559" version="4" timestamp="2014-02-08T21:39:57Z" changeset="20455408" nd ref="252592885" ... nd ref="252592885" way

What parameters do I need to specify, so that this information can also be exported.

Thank you and best regards


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Any specific reason why you want to download a full Germany dump for a few hundred ways + relations? Did you already take a look at instead? Might save you quite a bit of effort.

(05 Jan '15, 20:41) mmd

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