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Question: How can I tag serveral objects with iD editor at once?

Target: Tagged over a hundred house numbers with my smartphone. (90% of the houses are on two streets.). I want to tag the street of these houses with iD editor, too. But not repeat it for every house manually.

Problem: I know how to choose more the one object (press SHIFT and the click on futher objects), but the tag menu on the left is then replaced by a list of object categories. (In my case »building, building, building...«) The context menu circle only offers »delete«, »unify the lines« and »move«. (I translated these items from the German menu)

I could use JOSM editor instead of iD, and JOSM is very powerful - but also very complex/complicated with all those features and long menues. I want to stay with what I know; I want to stay with iD. Additionally my PC is very slow and Java even more. It takes minutes to load JOSM. (That Java has not the best reputation regarding security holes adds up.)

Best regards, :-)


P.S. Searched the wiki and help forum for an hour, but found nothing. But perhaps I'm blind...

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You could also use Potlatch2 to do it, but if you're paranoid about running Java programs you may have an issue with running a Flash plugin in your browser too (not that I personally do).

My recollection is that this question has been asked before, either here or as an iD Github issue, and the answer is "you can't", but it's worth asking again as I'm sure that someone can come up with a suitable workflow (perhaps using something else entirely).

(04 Jan '15, 12:21) SomeoneElse ♦

Regarding the Java security: A Java plugin in the browser is usually not wanted and in fact is a security hole. However, JOSM does not need (and even cannot use) those browser plugins, please just don't install plugins. JOSM runs as Java program on your PC, like any other usual PC program would do (one could even argue that Java programs are more secure than the more usual C programs).

And I really cannot share your experience on slower PCs. It is the opposite for me (at least the actual mapping, startup may take a bit longer, yes).

(04 Jan '15, 23:10) aseerel4c26 ♦

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This question was previously asked at . The conclusion was that it's not currently possible in iD but you can use Potlatch 2 to do it.

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answered 04 Jan '15, 12:22

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Thanks for your quick reply! Ok, then I give Potlatch2 a try

(04 Jan '15, 12:30) miklr

You likely already have given the answer: currently not possible.

You can open an issue here however you should check for an already existing one with the same or similar topic.

Note: there is no reason for security concerns wrt running a non-privileged JAVA application on your system. This is not the same as running an applet in your broswer.

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answered 04 Jan '15, 12:20

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