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Hello, I would like to tag a group of apartment blocks, which share the same postal address, and which have several units (German: Stiegen). Each unit has a number and is the entrance to the apartments above.

The units are numbered 1 to 8 in this case. The address is usually written like "Hermann Broch-Gasse 1/4".

This is the apartment complex in question:

What I have done so far:

  1. tagged the units with separate "addr:housenumber" and "addr:unit". House number is the same and unit is numbered according to the surveyed units there.

Expected result:

  1. A label in Mapnik with something like "1/1" "1/2" "1/3" etc.

Unexpected result:

  1. A label in Mapnik with 8 times the label "1" for "housenumber 1".

Ugly work-around:

  1. Tag with addr:housenumber="1/1" "1/2 "1/3" etc. and remove the addr:unit, but this is ugly, because in applications like OsmAnd, this shows up as a separate house number, even if it's just a unit. Also, it goes against the purpose of fine-grain tagging.
  2. Tag with addr:housenumber="1/1" "1/2" "1/3" etc. and keep addr:unit, but this will create confusion sometime in the future: Maybe Mapnik would later label it with housenumber+unit, which would be "1/1/1", which is clearly wrong.

Proposed solution:

  1. Enhance Mapnik with labeling of units, like "1/2", "1/3" or another, country-dependet form.
  2. Please also give proposed recommendation for tagging so that I can finish tagging this apartment complex.


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This is an interesting example; it might be worth adding to the wiki page

(02 Jan '15, 11:34) SK53 ♦

You are already doing the right thing.

Anything else would be classic "tagging for the renderer" which is a nono. The point of OSM is to collect as high quality and consistent geo-data as possible within the contraints of the project, not to make labels appear on one specific map rendering.

There is an existing issue for the "Mapnik" style discussing the rendering of addr:flat and addr:unit here

permanent link

answered 02 Jan '15, 10:47

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