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From I downloaded a map. It's called map.osm and it's in my download folder. How do I get it into Basecamp and eventually into my Garmin Oregon 650. I have a micro SD card available.

Thanks, Jack

asked 29 Dec '14, 23:53

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Download a program called mkgmap and run it on the .osm file to convert to a file suitable for Garmin devices.

A simpler alternative might be downloading a ready-made Garmin file from the web.

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answered 29 Dec '14, 23:56

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Yes, mkgmap will do the job but there's a fairly steep learning curve involved. IF you like messing with command line programs, and IF you want to customize your maps, and IF you have plenty of time to dedicate to this project, by all means go ahead. I did and I'm happy with my results but it's been a long haul.

As Frederik says, a much faster and easier alternative is to simply get the free installable maps from I've used them for years and it's a great product and a wonderful service. Consider dropping a few dollars at the site if you enjoy using them as I have.

(30 Dec '14, 01:02) AlaskaDave

a ready made map downloaded is a the easier way

(30 Dec '14, 10:29) andy mackey

and this guys explanations are excellent

(30 Dec '14, 10:31) andy mackey

You can download a map from here they will be of different countries and in different styles, we all have our preferred ones. Depending upon the size of the area you choose, try small first, and how fast your broadband is the download can take a while. My Win7 PC takes 30 minutes or so. after download the file needs unzipping and then you should put this unzipped.img file in the correct directory. My garmin oregon 450 has it in the micro SD card in a folder called Garmin.That transfer can also take a while for my 3GB map, wait for it to finish then disconnect the USB lead and restart the Oregon, (I doubt the wifi or bluetooth will work fast enough). I restart the Oregon and in the menu system select, setup, map, map information select map, and you should see the titles of some maps to choose from, I have road maps, walking maps and custom maps, some can be shown over each other which can be useful or not. hope this is of help. If you get stuck please detail the map and steps you got through and the result, happy new year and mapping. note using a card in a reader may transfer faster and it means you won't fill or corrupt the oregon's main memory.

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answered 30 Dec '14, 11:15

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Hi all.

I also have been using garmin.osm maps that are already made...and can easily put the .img file into the Map (or Garmin) folder. I can even see the map I've uploaded to the device in the list under Settings/MyMaps...

But...for some reason, I cannot get the device to SHOW the seems to revert back to an older garmin map on the device (I check using a specific feature that I know is in the OSM and not on the Garmin map.

I try de-selecting the Garmin map, leaving only the OSM but the device keeps "re-selecting" the map.

I am using a Nuvi 3790, and it has two versions of garmin maps on it...and the osm routable map that I just transferred to it. In basecamp, the osm maps shows on the device as well. Not sure why I can't see it on the device.

Can someone explain (in non-technical language) what is happening? This is so frustrating.

Thanks. Cindy

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answered 31 Dec '14, 11:44

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Please ask this as a new question (if you cannot find a previous same question) and delete this comment here. Or is this related to Track_Jack's question?

(31 Dec '14, 13:49) aseerel4c26 ♦

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