Im mapping a cross country ski area. The trails are mostly on roads that are already mapped, but most trails are made up of segments of multiple roads, a few contain segments on a road and a segment that is off a road, and sometimes 2 adjacent segments of a road can be different trails.

If each trail was exactly one road I would add the piste:* tags to the existing ways for the roads.

It seems like the easiest way is to create new ways, that have piste tags, but do not have highway tags. But this seems like it's probably the wrong way to go, as it create multiple ways that are largely the same, but I don't know of a better way to do it.

What is the proper way to map/tag this?

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What you'd want to use is a route relation, specifically route=ski. You'd want to map the off-road sections as what they best represent (ie. are they hiking trails in the summer?), then add those sections and the relevant pieces of roads as members of a relation. You could then add the piste-specific tags to the relation and this object would represent the entire ski trail. Ways can also be members of multiple relations, so if there's a section that's used by more than one ski trail, it can be added to any relevant relations.

As for the specifics on how to create the relation, that will vary depending on which editor you're using. There should be plenty of information already available around here on creating route relations in the most popular editors.

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Hi datamonger, this Q&A came up by adding 'ski' to the white window above, read these lines And more if you want it the next one is useable as well, . Happy spur

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Hello, and thanks for the answer. Unfortunately I have already looked at the answer you linked to, and it does not provide and answer to my question.

Maybe I should have been more clear.

My question is really about the proper way to map a Way that is made up of segments of several other Ways, and may have segments that are not on an existing Way.

(29 Dec '14, 20:41) datamongers

Hi its cross country land ? Just add the ski_trail to a section of the track. If you want to add a route follow the route guide at help and tag all segments together. And if your on the track, thats no conflict, its just another tag on a way.

(29 Dec '14, 22:36) Hendrikklaas

I'd split the road where the piste enters it and/or leaves it. Then the part(s) that are pistes can be so tagged.

Nothing wrong in splitting ways. Done all the time when something changes (bridge, tunnel, paving surface, number of lanes, etc.) Just as there is no issue spitting highway=* ways there is no problem splitting pistes too. For example, I've seen one area where a ungroomed backcountry trail was split several times based on the difficulty of each section.

(30 Dec '14, 06:03) stf

Simply look here for an example:

You can perfectly create a way with piste tags and no highway tag. What you are looking at is not a way, but a route. In OSM, routes are described with relation.

For route=piste (or route=ski, it's about the same) relations, you may want to use JOSM editor.

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