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I mapped about a hundred housenumbers with OsmAnd+. I could upload those POI modifications directly from OsmAnd+ on my smartphone, but I want to control them before. Fix some bugs etc. So OsmAnd+ created a file "poi_modification.osc", which I copied on my desktop.

How can I import a OSC.-file with new POIs into the online editor ID to edit those?

Note: I found a similar question, but it's not about a OSC-file, but a GPX-file:

"How to import an OsmAnd bookmarked point into the OSM online editor iD?"

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asked 29 Dec '14, 06:42

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The feature is not implemented, but you can track/upvote the github issue.

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answered 31 Oct '22, 17:11

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As of this writing, iD editor cannot handle the "poi_modification.osc" file created by OsmAnd.

"poi_modification.osc" is a XML text file, and you can edit it directly using your favorite text editor. Long edits may cause you to inadvertently to cause a malformed XML, but simple edits should be easy-peasy.

However, I would strongly recommend using the JOSM editor instead, which you may download from After transferring said file to your computer, simply drag and drop into JOSM and you should be able to edit them, and then upload to OpenStreetMap through JOSM.

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answered 06 Feb '16, 05:30

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Also Merkaartor can load osc files.

See for details, ans see the Merkaartor mailinglist for downloading recent test releases if you want.

(06 Feb '16, 12:20) stephan75

iD (AFAIK) cannot read .osc files, you will need to load them in to JOSM for further processing.

Note you might be better off using vespucci, in particular you can save your work as JOSM compatible file OSM XML format file that you can either load in JOSM or vespucci.

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answered 29 Dec '14, 08:17

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