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I created a Preset for JOSM (version 7777) that includes the following lines:

A. <text key="description" text="Description" default="" delete_if_empty="true" rows="3"/> B. <multiselect key="amenity" delimiter="," text="Amenity" values="restaurant,bar" default="" delete_if_empty="true" rows="3"/>

A. always gives 1 row, B. always 8, whatever value I use in rows.

What am I doing wrong?


asked 27 Dec '14, 16:55

Jan%20van%20Bekkum's gravatar image

Jan van Bekkum
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Where did you learn about the rows attribute ? I cannot find an example in the default JOSM presets. AFAIK the UI for a description is a text box with 1 line, never seen one with multiple lines.

Perhaps those numbers cannot be changed.

(28 Dec '14, 07:32) escada

rows is only valid for <multiselect> so only B. should work. See Tagging Presets

If not please fill a bug. Was fixed see

By the way, be careful with changing the delimiter from default semi-colon. It is only useful in special cases and the delimiter will be used also in the value if more than one is used.

(12 Feb '15, 23:33) skyper

The rows attribute doesn't seem to occur anywhere in the presets xml template definition (linked from here).

permanent link

answered 28 Dec '14, 10:15

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EdLoach ♦
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Documentation is now in the JOSM wiki under Tagging Presets and rows does exist for quite some time now.

(12 Feb '15, 23:23) skyper

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