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Hi! Some weeks ago I drew some new lines (mostly paths) in "Laste di Sotto" area (search: you'll get only the right result). I think I made... a good job, because I live there and I've used also gps to track them. Answer: why they are non recognized as "routes" from sites like "mapslow" or "bikeroutetoaster"?

asked 22 Dec '14, 14:06

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Third-party sites take updates from OSM at their own schedule. Even if you've made an update to OSM, it won't necessarily show immediately (or even within weeks) on a third-party site.

Over and above that, it's very difficult to give advice unless you can provide a direct link, as Simon says. However, if (for example) you mean a path like, you haven't expressly said that the path is open to bikes. You need to add a bicycle=yes tag; otherwise the router will think it's a path for pedestrians only, and will refuse to send bikes along it.

Please also add a surface= tag (for example, surface=gravel or surface=ground) so that the router will be able to make a decision whether it's suitable for (say) road bikes.

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answered 22 Dec '14, 14:26

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Pleas provide a link to the area in question (just copy the URL from the main map page when you are centered on the region), better a direct link to one of the ways in question (note searching doesn't turn up anything).

Without the specifics I can't give an definite answer, but in principle:

  • a street/way is a physical object on the ground
  • a route is a sequence of street/ways to get from place a to b

Routes are typically either represented by specific tagging/attributes on the ways in question or by including them in a route relation (more modern and while it might sound complicated, a route relation is simply a list of the ways that belong to the route).

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answered 22 Dec '14, 14:15

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(22 Dec '14, 14:25) Dolomites

As I wrote below, you haven't added 'access' tags such as bicycle=yes.

(22 Dec '14, 14:27) Richard ♦

Richard, that's not a path for bikes. "bikeroutetoaster" lets you choose between "bike" or "walk", but I can't make it work. I'd like to know: shall I be more "patient" with third-party sites (where my new ways are correctly shown but not "active") or do I make mistakes?

(22 Dec '14, 14:53) Dolomites

As Richard has written, you will need to ask the BRT makers how often they import the data. Note that the data used for routing can be completly out of sync of what you see on the map layers.

(22 Dec '14, 15:12) SimonPoole ♦

'highway=path' is a bad tag whose failings have been chronicled elsewhere, in that it doesn't tell you whether the path is accessible by cyclists, walkers, or no-one at all.

For a footpath, it's better to use 'highway=footway' with a surface tag.

If you must use 'highway=path', then add 'foot=yes'.

(22 Dec '14, 16:02) Richard ♦
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