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I was looking around OSM and found an incorrect location for our city library, it is off about 4 blocks. My wife and I travel every weekend taking photos and I am interested in helping with map error corrections.

asked 22 Dec '14, 03:45

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Sorry, but I don't understand your question. Can you plz. try to summarize it in one sentence? Is it just about contribution?

(22 Dec '14, 07:26) iii

There are many ways to contribute to OSM, the best is simply to add the information and fix problems yourself.


The first two chapters of give a good instruction to the very basics, please be sure to watch the introduction to the iD editor video.

If you take lots of photographs you should investigate if you can add geographic coordinates to them, either directly with the cameras or by recording the positions with a seperate device. However, at least for me, there is a big difference between taking a snapshot, typically with a mobile phone, for surveying purposes and a photograph that I would want to show somebody else.

A further possibility is to contribute to the photographs and sequences stored there are available to OSM contributors for improving our map data.

The best way to locate mappers nearby is however as you will see, you are fairly on your own in Nebraska. You should in any case subscribe to the US mailing list

US OpenStreetMap peculiarity: the street network in the US was imported from a public data source "TIGER" very early on. Unluckily the in many places the net result was not particularly good, the good news is that while a lot of Gothenburg seems to be untouched TIGER data, it does seems to be of reasonable quality. Likely however there are lots of details (shops, facitilies, buildings, addresses, turn restrictions) that are missing and/or out of date.

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answered 22 Dec '14, 09:06

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Hi take a look here and touch your own name in the right upper corner, beneath profile has a menu whos around me. Enjoy.

(22 Dec '14, 13:09) Hendrikklaas

Hi. Thanks for your interest in OSM. We welcome your contributions. There is no offical standards or offical local knowledge experts. People just add to the map and improve it as they see fit. If there's something wrong on the map, then jump right in and start fixing it! As mentioned there are a few good resources to learn how to start: and and . Feel free to ask questions here if you get stuck. Try to see if there are any other OSM users in your area/city/town/county/country. Look at the wiki for lists of local groups. They might help.

Happy mapping. :)

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answered 22 Dec '14, 09:20

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Thanks, I would like to get in touch with other local people, but I haven't found the list yet.

(22 Dec '14, 12:07) earthshaker77

Hi @earthshaker77, Where abouts do you live? I could help you find the right list. There's also a web forum ? If you set your "home location" in your OSM profile, it will be able to show you "nearby users". You can then message them, and ask them

(22 Dec '14, 12:21) rorym

Gothenburg, Nebraska, USA

(22 Dec '14, 12:36) earthshaker77

I've added some more stuff to my answer.

(22 Dec '14, 13:03) SimonPoole ♦

You could try the OpenStreetMap US group they list several ways to get in touch with the local community, mailing list, IRC, Facebook, Twitter, meetups etc.

(22 Dec '14, 13:09) rorym

You can also view this map of contributors in the area (, and try sending a message to them through OSM. Might want to check how recent their edits are, though!

(22 Dec '14, 16:19) neuhausr
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