When I am looking at one of our maps in umap on my iPad mini how can I see a GPS marker of my current location?

Google Maps and Apple maps let me do this. Maybe OpenStreetMaps can't do this?

asked 21 Dec '14, 07:44

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On umap you can have a "more" button on the left. When you press it, a number of controls show up. One of them is the "Center map on your location"

screenshot of the "more" umap map controls

However, I believe the map maker can turn off this menu in the settings for the map.

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answered 24 Dec '14, 06:48

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Are you talking about openstreetmap.org? This is what I see when I open that on my iPhone: alt text

...or are you using a different website or an app?

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answered 23 Dec '14, 23:59

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I use umap: http://umap.openstreetmap.fr

(24 Dec '14, 00:18) perla-rt

@perla-rt: please mention this in your question text next time. There are really too much OSM-based maps and services to guess which one you mean.

(24 Dec '14, 02:20) aseerel4c26 ♦

Ok, thanks for your advice, i am barely new on this and i was not aware of that ;)

(24 Dec '14, 04:29) perla-rt

Third button down at the right-hand side is "Show My Location" - does that work?

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answered 21 Dec '14, 11:19

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I don't have anything on my right side of the screen (on my computer or iPad mini - what I use while walking around, on the iPad I use Safari browser to see the map).

I have an icon (on the left side) that looks like a gun site http://ec.l.thumbs.canstockphoto.com/canstock3236911.jpg that erases the map and replaces it with a super close up that is almost useless and I guess is the best guess at where I am. But it doesn't result in a active marker of my location on the map as I use it (as Apple and Google Maps - and other maps do).

(23 Dec '14, 22:32) perla-rt
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