I want to create a high resolution image file (let's say 20 megapixels) or an svg image file of Belgium. I did install Maperitive and downloaded the osm.pbf file of Belgium.

Now, it takes ages to open. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks gijsbert

asked 20 Dec '14, 22:55

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Karel de Grote
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The osm.pbf file is 200 mb, that doesn't look too terrible. Looks like the unpacked version is 4 gb, is that too big?


(20 Dec '14, 22:57) Karel de Grote

I've been playing around with QGIS loading the osm,.... also contacted http://scalablemaps.com/ but they won't have the Belgium version soon. Any other suggestions? Looks like I need a supercomputer to do this.

(21 Dec '14, 12:25) Karel de Grote

You may have to wait a bit for an answer - it's a weekend and everyone's out mapping or shopping!

(21 Dec '14, 12:34) SomeoneElse ♦

Consider shrinking down your filesize by removing tags that won't appear at the scale you print ;

  • buildings
  • address numbers (addr* tags)
  • shops
  • tracks
    • ...

OSMFILTER.EXE is a small program but does an excellent job.

OSMFILTER -h to get the help

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answered 15 Jan '15, 16:53

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You should also mention where one can get osmfilter.

(15 Jan '15, 20:56) malenki

To render 4GB with maperitive on you desktop will take some time. My last map sources were 44 MB and took eight seconds to render.

The possibilities you have imho:

  • Strip the file down to relevant data (big highways, boundaries, cities, woods etc) using OSMfilter and try to render the result with maperitive.
  • Go to http://maposmatic.org, create a map of Belgium, download the SVG and edit it to your liking
  • Use http://overpass-turbo.eu/ with a self defined css, make the browser window a little bigger and export the image as png. My result you can see/download here (32MB).
  • Nearly the same as above: Bigmap
  • Use the share-button at osm.org and select the format you want. Problem: I tried it for Belgium and got the two times I tried it a gateway timeout.


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answered 21 Dec '14, 16:05

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Thanks, Thomas. This helps! I will give it another go on a machine with 16 gb ram and use your png file in the meantime. Thanks!

(22 Dec '14, 09:11) Karel de Grote

I am glad I could help you. If the answer solved your issue it would be nice if you could mark your question as answered, too.

(22 Dec '14, 15:32) malenki

also have a general look at http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Rendering

and maybe in detail to bigmap2 and Nik4 tools

(23 Dec '14, 09:58) stephan75
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