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I found some links like:

which mark a part of a street. So I was wondering how to mark the whole street or maybe several streets and I found in the wiki:

Get way by ID - which describes what I get from the above url, because when it is entered in the browser it's rewritten by the server to

I looked further and found

Get ways describing the url as being


But I couldn't figure out how to apply this to "my" street which would be,273332263,33527209,142030348,33239773,22889305,273332262,190065022,273332252,257255152,273332271,273332270,273332266,208884097,129032431,273332260,273332259,273332269,273332265,273332261,273332267,273332258,273332268

Unfortunately this did not work as expected. Is there another way to get this accomplished?

There is alsready a kind soul in Germany who set up a server which allows this (plus more), but I'd also like to know how this would be possible directly on openstreetmaps.

asked 19 Dec '14, 09:45

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Can you provide a little bit more information? Where did you read about /ways?ways=id1,id2,id3...? Which server are you talking about already supports this? And why do you want to display multiple ways on directly?

(19 Dec '14, 09:56) scai ♦

As a general question, I think that it's quite a good one - "Euskirchener Straße" I suspect has a logical beginning and an end that encompass many OSM ways (split because of different other tags). Most such streets won't be tied together by a relation, so a "name search based on bounding box" would be needed - but how to know how big to make the bounding box? It's like the "graph" questions that sometimes get asked here, in reverse.

(19 Dec '14, 11:11) SomeoneElse ♦

Where did you read about /ways?ways=id1,id2,id3...

Sorry! Completely forgot to give the link.

Which server are you talking about already supports this?

No clue. Just read it in the documentation and found the similarity to the first link I gave.

And why do you want to display multiple ways on directly?

To get an overview. I need to prepare a children's charity project here in Germany for January and so wanted to plot the streets I assigned to the groups.

(19 Dec '14, 11:48) 5keeve

Regarding searching for a street: That wasn't really my issue as I already have a good list of the ways belonging to the streets

The issue is more of visualizing (a group of) streets.

Judging from the API documentation I thought I found a way - but it seems to be not supported :(

(19 Dec '14, 11:48) 5keeve

@5keeve that's actually quite an old version of the API; try looking at (or more likely, other services such as Overpass)

(19 Dec '14, 12:13) SomeoneElse ♦

Did so:

Looks the same

(19 Dec '14, 12:27) 5keeve

Besides having looked at the wrong API version: This is really just the API and not the website documentation. Moreover for visualizing you should not use the website directly but instead some framework such as Leaflet or OpenLayers. It is also possible that uMap will suit your needs.


It does work, but just for the API calls which just return raw data without visualization. See this working example:,2345

(19 Dec '14, 12:28) scai ♦
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I guess this isn't possible as currently has just permalinks to basic OSM objects (nodes, ways, relations, notes). Maybe you it's useful to send links of our geocoder (Nominatim) instead? For example the mentioned Euskirchener Straße

But be aware that finding a complete list of street-segements isn't that trivial and AFAIK website currently has a focus on mappers/contributors and isn't tuned for perfectly satisfaction of consumers ;-)

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answered 19 Dec '14, 12:32

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