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I see there are other questions on POI not appearing after editing but none of them answers my question. In one edit session I added three POI, a water plant, a farm and a therapist and named one road. After saving I waited a few minutes and refreshed my browser and i see the farm and the road name but not the other POI, I changed the therapist to a herbalist and now the poi appears. I view map data and I see blank circles where I added POI but no text and no icon. I changed the water plant to be 'wastewater plant' which according to does have an icon defined but still no luck. The same happened to a graveyard I edited two days previously.

The map area is

So the question is why are my edits not visible? if this is because, as I read, some renderers don't display all information then how can I know in advance whether my edits are going to appear?. Why would a farm be deemed more relevant to display than a wastewater plant or a graveyard?.

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The simplest answer to your question is it is not possible to render every single thing added to the database. Well, you could but you would send up with a very messy and unusable set of map tiles.

Also, just because something doesn't show up on the renderer, doesn't mean it's not useful. For example many poi's can be found through simple searches.

The absolute most important thing is to add the correct information otherwise it's of little use. Using your added poi as an example, if someone searches for a therapist in that area your poi won't be returned as a result.

Lastly, if it's really that important that your poi shows up, you have a number of options in terms of displaying it

  • set up your own tile server
  • use something like umap + overpass to create your own map in a few minutes highlighting the poi's important to you
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And a comment on the wastewater icon - that was uploaded in 2010, but says that the plants aren't rendered as at March 2013, so if they did ever render the stylesheet was amended between those two dates. Certainly it doesn't currently:✓&q=water

(16 Dec '14, 08:33) EdLoach ♦

Thanks for the answer and the comment, I wasn't clear on the question(s). First is this definitely the reason that my POIs don't appear? ie the renderer has choosen not to display them but them appearing as blank circles in the data layer is the accepted behaviour.

Secndly, if that is so, how do I understand the logic/rules for what appears and what doesn't,ie a farm appears, a graveyard does not, a herbalist appears, a therapist does not, is there somewhere explaining the logic?

(16 Dec '14, 12:37) jninety

To expand a bit on this, the "layer switcher" at the right-hand side of the side allows you to choose between 5 different map styles, and each one has different rules about what is displayed. In addition, there are lots of other map styles available elsewhere.

(16 Dec '14, 12:50) SomeoneElse ♦

The Vilcabamba graveyard already appears on some zoom levels, i.e. it's name, no icon, no area. So that one is just a problem of tiles that are not updated

(17 Dec '14, 15:31) escada

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