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I am new here and have done some changes in my area and waiting for the updates on the official map. when does it normally happens?

In the editor I have read some hours but I waited some days and nothing happened. I have no response nothing.

When I see it on map?

asked 21 Mar '11, 22:16

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TomH ♦♦

I need a refresh in Bal Harbour, FL - Gross Error - Very obvious - Thanks!

(22 Oct '20, 19:22) Casey

Just wait until the map tiles have been updated for the OpenCycleMap. This is an automatic process, there is no way to request individual updates.

(23 Oct '20, 06:10) scai ♦


I created and I run OpenCycleMap.

The explanation of the update cycle on the wiki says:

Since August 2010 the database is updated using diff updates, every few hours (currently every 24 hours). While the database could easily be updated more frequently than that (it has run hourly, in the past), there is always a huge backlog of tiles that need refreshing. Refreshing the tiles takes a few days. The system is self-correcting in that the more popular the tile, the sooner it gets refreshed.

So you'll need to be patient, it could take a few days to update depending on how many other people are viewing, and how many other tiles need refreshing.

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answered 22 Mar '11, 09:00

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Andy Allan
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There's also the issue of tile caching. If you've waited for the new tiles to be generated, you may also have to convince your browser to check for newer tiles. Easiest way is to delete your cache.

(22 Mar '11, 20:42) JasonWoof

Most of the US is 2+ weeks behind now.

(22 Mar '11, 22:01) Baloo Uriza

This is not the forum for discussing specific issues with whether components are up-to-date at particular times. The mailing lists, IRC or the forum are more suitable places.

(25 Mar '11, 19:02) SK53 ♦

where can i find them?

(25 Mar '11, 20:44) Arty4u

Thanks for the info. Not really bothered when, so much as knowing if it happens automatically, or not. I was concerned they might be another 'process' involved to get 'OpenStreetMaps'. Seems like once I have completed the edits to OSM, I will get to see them in Open Cycle Maps without doing any more (except wait a while), that's good to hear.

I do Have the 10m Contour Map of the Philippines that Maning Sambales produced as a Garmin Executable. This is great for do some checking, then turn it off.

Love the shaded and colored Topo Map version that Open Cycle Map gives you. Thanks for the effort you put into that - much appreciated.

Trying now to learn how one can make a Garmin executable of 'OpenCycleMap', as it will be easier on the eyes that OSM with the Contour overlay.

(31 May '12, 15:45) dwhittall
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As of 2018, it appears to take several weeks for the OpenCycleMap tiles to be updates in popular areas like Portland, Oregon, USA.

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answered 03 Aug '18, 05:22

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Joseph E
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Yes, I am a frequent consumer of (and contributor to) cycling data in the USA (see WikiProject_U.S._Bicycle_Route_System) and I have found that OCM tile refreshes have (sadly) decreased from "days" to "weeks" and sometimes even "two to three months" in many parts of the USA.

Andy has been very kind to render and serve these tiles, and on rare occasion (thrice in the last five years?) I've asked him either "when will updates happen?" or "might you please update tiles?" He is quite accommodating, yet I have seen tile refresh performance drop drastically in the last year or so.

I'm not complaining, merely informing others of the performance I've been seeing. Thanks again for your wonderful OpenCycleMap, Andy, whenever we may get fresh tiles — it's a great renderer!

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answered 03 Aug '18, 20:03

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