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Dear All,

I have my geographical coordinates in the following format:

3d44'42.838"E 51d25'38.268"N 44.443 3d45'9.935"E 51d30'2.643"N 44.330 3d44'54.911"E 51d30'5.507"N 44.328

How can I convert them into the decimal format. I also do not know the numbers after N such as 44.443 etc.

asked 15 Dec '14, 11:14

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This is s programming problem. There are 60 minutes in one degree, and 60 seconds in one minute (i.e. 60×60 = 3600 seconds in one degree). Xd Y ' Z.ZZZ" N means there are X degrees, Y minutes and Z.ZZZ seconds. The forumula should be something like X + Y/60 + Z.ZZZ/3600

I don't know what the 44.443 number is. Where did you get these coordinates?

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answered 15 Dec '14, 12:00

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I converted the coordinates from Amsterfoort RD to the conventional format and that is where I got that. Let me rephrase the question, can I just replace the d with the degree sign and make spaces in order to use these coordinates? many thanks in advance

(15 Dec '14, 12:14) Ebrahiem

No. 40d30' is "40 degrees and 30 minutes". This is also 40.5 d. So you can't just do a text replace. You need to do the calculation

(15 Dec '14, 13:27) rorym

yes a text replacement before a calculation

(15 Dec '14, 13:59) Ebrahiem

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