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I'm moving to London, in particular to the South East, Surrey. With the needs to search a place of residence I wanted to conduct a thorough search and I wanted to print a AO size poster, preferably with street names.

Secondly what I would like to do is to highlight a 20 mile radi of the place of interest as I print.

So when I zoom in and out of the map, some street names appear some dont, how do I control this via the size of the page that I am planning to print on?

Printing to A0 and drawing a radi?

asked 14 Dec '14, 21:50

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Travel may be better compared with OSRM, Graphopper or Waze, it's not so much distance it's time, mode of transport, and time of day.

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answered 07 Mar '20, 08:59

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andy mackey
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This very much. isodistance (and isochrone) should be used, instead of a geodesic circle. Paths (which can be routed) are as important as time and terrain. Circles only sort of work in short distances of walking (and flying), even then it is better represented by a rhombus because of street grids. A 20mi radius definitely needs something else.

(07 Mar '20, 13:10) Kovoschiz

There is at least one professional shop for OSM based wallpapers: ... don't know whether website is available in English.

for more hints, do a keyword search on this FAQ site about "print big" or similar ... there are some topics about producing big prints.

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answered 16 Dec '14, 10:38

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