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The .osm File is a XML file, I want to know whether there is a tool to show the .osm on my own website or i have decode the .osm file by myself.


asked 20 Mar '11, 22:07

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To view an .osm file you first have to render it using a renderer. If you are not not happy with just a dead picture of the map then you may also need some kind of slippy map implementation, like OpenLayers.

You will probably get a more specific answer from someone if you describe more in detail what kind of map you would like to put on your website.

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answered 20 Mar '11, 22:19

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Thanks a lot i want to implement some kind of slippy map, not the dead one, i have got a .osm file and already tagged it. i want the user to choose two points on the map and the website will show the best path that is calculated by some algorithm ,i have finished the algorithm and tagged the .osm map. Now i just want to fix the map with my algorithm (maybe by javascript),i can handle this by myself. But i don't know how to show the .osm map on my own website, i mean i don't know how to decode the osm map with xml format.

(20 Mar '11, 22:47) monument

If you want to compute the best path between two points you will need to read the data with your program. There are of course XML libraries that make it easier but you will still have to process the file yourself. - If you only want to show the .osm file then you can use OpenLayers' OSM Layer.

(20 Mar '11, 23:22) Frederik Ramm ♦

can you tell what are the libraries? or give me the link. i am not very clear with " you will need to read the data with your program". can you give me some more detail? Thank a lot

(20 Mar '11, 23:52) monument

If you want a slippy map you should have a look at Normally it you feed tiles to it but it has some support for the XML based .osm file format.

(22 Mar '11, 10:29) petschge

what programming language are you using? that is important for choosing the best XML-Processing-Lib

(22 Mar '11, 10:42) josias

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