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I'm splitting a way that's A====B====C====D=====E

This way's first version was A===B===C (in the example, A, B,C,D, and E are nodes).

If I split the way at node D, can I choose whether I want DE to have the original way's history or ABC?

If so, how?

asked 12 Dec '14, 19:27

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Hi, Never thought of this before but it's the first section of the way that retains the history. So if you want the other half to retain the history then reverse the way before splitting it.


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answered 12 Dec '14, 20:05

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RPR is the key sequence (first select the node, and if needed the way, of course) I often use for this purpose. This keeps the history at the part I want and does not change the way directions needlessly.

In fact a tool for this would be nice.

(12 Dec '14, 21:24) aseerel4c26 ♦

Also I would automatically add a tag like meta:history:split_off_from=$oldwayID to the new (ID: 0) ways (which could be automatically removed in subsequent object versions like it is done for created_by tags). Anybody thought of this before? :-)

(12 Dec '14, 21:29) aseerel4c26 ♦

Not a bad idea. But it gets a little more complicated when splitting the way again or merging it with another way. Likewise it would be useful to keep such a reference when replacing a point feature with an area feature.

(13 Dec '14, 08:36) scai ♦

Splitting ways and (not) keeping history was a hot topic during ODbL license change. Tracking a way's history across splits was also discussed back then in much detail (while I don't happen to remember any specifics). Simon probably can chime in here.

(13 Dec '14, 09:22) mmd


Use "replace geometry" from utilsplugin2 when converting nodes to areas.

(16 Feb '15, 15:07) skyper

(Since the JOSM version which was released on 2015-10-30:) JOSM reuses the id (and hence the way's history) of the existing way for the longest (node count) split segment and allows expert users to choose another segment. Also see the relevant section in the documentation of the "split way" function.

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answered 13 Oct '16, 20:06

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