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When I open a gpx file into JOSM, I can edit its track by converting the gpx layer into a new OSM data layer. But, I find that all waypoints in the gpx file can not be converted to a new OSM data layer so that I can not edit any waypoint. And, the waypoint in the gpx file does show on the screen. I can not edit it although I see it. Can anyone help me to solve this problem? Thank you very much.

asked 11 Dec '14, 14:59

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(this might not be the answer that you're looking for but) you can just edit a .gpx file in a text editor - whether that's useful or not rather depends on what you're trying to do, of course.

(11 Dec '14, 15:13) SomeoneElse ♦

just in case you want to edit gpx waypoints without wanting to use them for further editing and contribution to OSM, or without necessarily using JOSM: see other tools.

(11 Dec '14, 15:13) aseerel4c26 ♦

I must explain it. I want to edit my gpx file in JOSM because JOSM can show many layers of maps. And, JOSM also can change the transparency of any map immediately by adjusting one tool up or down. I can use those maps to help me proofreading. After proofreading my tracks and waypoints, I am confident of uploading it to OSM. I hope an answer to make it. Thank everybody again.

(11 Dec '14, 15:41) delicadiesel

I think I find the answer from this.... By using GPSBabel, we can convert a gpx file to another osm one. And, we must correct the content of this osm file after. Especially, it is must "....osm version='0.6'...." in the osm file. But, all is troublesome. So, I will suggest JOSM developers to let gpx waypoints put on a data layer to edit.

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answered 13 Dec '14, 14:26

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The gpxedit plugin for JOSM will allow you to delete individual gpx data points if that is any help.

(13 Dec '14, 18:09) dud1

But it won't keep waypoints as far as I know, because loading a GPX file in JOSM will create individual layers for tracks and waypoints.

(13 Dec '14, 22:31) scai ♦

The easiest way is like in this answer:

I’ll quote it:

  1. Open the gpx file
  2. Right-click on the gpx layer, select "convert to data layer"
  3. Switch to editing this layer instead of the osm data layer
  4. Select waypoint(s), Edit them

Maybe that wasn’t possible when you wrote your question (two years ago).

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answered 13 Jul '16, 13:45

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I'm stuck at Step 3: After opening a GPX file, how do I "pull it" so it goes through a different route? At this point, the route is shown in yellow after converting it to a data layer :

(04 Apr '18, 11:26) Shohreh

You can't "pull" it to go a different route. JOSM is not a routing engine. You have to move every node yourself.

(04 Apr '18, 12:15) scai ♦

Thanks for the confirmation.

(04 Apr '18, 14:28) Shohreh

If I'm stuck without anything else available I'd just edit the GPX file with a text editor...

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answered 04 Apr '18, 23:15

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