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I was wondering about a bakery in my street that went out of business. Do I simply delete it or is there some tag to mark it as out of business?

This particularly bakery has been closed for the third time now in the past four years. In the past after being empty for a couple of months there was always a new bakery chain re-opening it. So chances are not bad this happens again.

So do I delete the whole data point or can I mark it appropriately somehow?

asked 11 Dec '14, 12:35

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Do not delete it, use the disused: tag prefix, then it is still available, e.g. potentially as navigation aid. shop=bakerydisused:shop=bakery

permanent link

answered 11 Dec '14, 14:51

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You can also now tag the shop as shop=vacant. This helps in mapping as it still provides a marker. Counts of empty shops are often used as an economic indicator, so this can be an interesting tag in its own right.

(11 Dec '14, 21:32) SK53 ♦

Just to be clear, shop=vacant will not render as a shop on the standard map. It will still be in the data for analysis purposes and for other renderers to use, though.

(11 Dec '14, 23:27) alester

@SK53: But exactly then such econ. indicators get wrong. A "vacant" shop will be counted as "shop" unless the statistic creator cares for an exception for this special value. Similarly if you suppose a GPS user likes to navigate to the nearest shop (e.g. because he wants to find a telephone/toilet/water because of an emergency): shop=vancant will not help, so the POI search needs to take care of this exception. That is a similar thing as the old building=entrance (instead of entrance=*).

Also this tag does not provide the info which shop it was recently.

This should be taken into account.

(12 Dec '14, 01:12) aseerel4c26 ♦

Thanks. I added the disused prefix.

(12 Dec '14, 13:04) TZorn

What if the old business has since been replaced with another (I can't remember what's there now but it's almost definitely not vacant) - what's the best practice for the interim, until someone manages to go out and do an accurate survey? Add a note to the map?

(30 Jan '16, 05:07) eyeoh

Yes. Apply the disused: prefix as suggested and add a note explaining that there is a new business that needs to be surveyed.

(30 Jan '16, 08:15) scai ♦

I don't seem to have privileges to edit answers, but while the text of the link was updated, the destination of the link also needs to be updated so that it goes to the actual disused: prefix page

(08 Jul '22, 21:54) cincodenada


(08 Jul '22, 22:00) SomeoneElse ♦
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