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I have carried out an address search for some streets in my area and many of them are said to be part of a particular estate which is incorrect as its boundary is much smaller. I regularly edit in potlach 2.and have used JOSM is there an easy way to find it's polygon and shrink it? or delete it and redraw it to it's correct size and shape which I know?

asked 20 Mar '11, 12:06

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andy mackey
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TomH ♦♦


Does any of this sound familiar? I have decided that the issue should be resolved by 1)enhancing Mapnik, 2)removing place nodes from OSM that mirror existing polygons for the same places. Do you think I'm on the right Trac? (pun intended)

(14 Apr '11, 20:58) ponzu

ponzu I agree with you.the one I thought I had fixed as gone wrong again.

(15 Jun '11, 17:49) andy mackey

First you'll need to check that it's actually searching on a polygon. A large number of places are marked purely with a point, and nominatim estimates the range of the village, town or estate using this point and other nearby points.

Let's take for example Havil Street in London. Searching for it on Nominatim currently shows

Havil Street, Champion Hill Estate, Walworth, London Borough of Southwark, Surrey, England, SE5 8PX, United Kingdom

Let's say it's not part of the Champion Hill Estate, but actually part of the nearby Sceaux Gardens Estate. Using the details link in nominatim we find that Champion Hill Estate and the Sceaux Gardens Estate are both defined as points - replacing these with polygons around the relevant estates would help solve the problem.

Alternatively, if the estate is already defined as a polygon, the nominatim details page for your search will link to the polygon and give you the correct osm_id. Seeing this polygon will help you find where it extends to when editing the data.

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answered 20 Mar '11, 13:35

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Andy Allan
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thanks andy I'll try your suggestions and tic when I know

(20 Mar '11, 14:36) andy mackey

I created a polygon... choose place,suburb ..named it, xxxx estate and then deleted the single point name then saved and exited.luckily shortly after there was a map data up-date and it seems to have worked. I have now put back the single point name tag and I'll check the result tomorrow

(21 Mar '11, 23:49) andy mackey

mission accomplished AOK

(23 Mar '11, 05:11) andy mackey

@andy mackey, I think I am retracing your steps elsewhere in the world. I'm glad your approach worked. I was wondering whether removing the place node would move all its children (I am talking about Nominatim now) under the appropriate polygon, and how quickly. and whether adding the node back (solely for the labeling purposes) would give it any children. I was hoping the answers are "yes", "quickly enough" and "no". Did you have to bug @Twain to manually update Nominatim for your changes?

(14 Apr '11, 20:49) ponzu

well it did for a while, then the same two streets changed to another incorrect suburb for which I then made a boundary for, then one of the streets reverted to first suburb,all very frustrating made more so by the delay in system.I think I'll concentrate on walking paths and adding them to the map much more fun.

(14 Apr '11, 22:22) andy mackey

@andy mackey, I hear you. I think OSM experience, at its best, is a healthy combination of doing things that are useful and things that are fun. I wish I could always keep that perspective in mind and not spend too much time stressing over things I can't help. Although, it's awfully tempting to find out to what extend you can influence the big picture. It's almost like the OSM version of the serenity prayer :)

(14 Apr '11, 22:33) ponzu

I didn't use @twain

(14 Apr '11, 22:36) andy mackey

Just to make sure we're on the same page, @twain is the developer of Nominatim. I saw his comment somewhere in response to someone's similar issue that he can manually force the updates to Nominatim data. I thought it may have been you. When you say that "luckily shortly after there was a map data up-date" - did you figure out the schedule, or how to check the last time Nominatim data was updated?

(14 Apr '11, 22:52) ponzu
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