Hello, I'd like to map an hiking trail which is actually made of small parts of existing ways.

It spans over some hundreds of meters of an asphalt road, some paths in the woods, some dirt road, and the like. All of them are properly mapped already.

What is the proper way to mark such a "waymarked trail"? Thank you very much.

asked 10 Dec '14, 12:48

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You need a relation for that. See the Hiking page on the wiki (at the bottom). And you need the Route page to find out how the ways, start points etc. can be added as members.

You add existing ways as relation members. If you just need a part of an existing way, you need to split it (into two ways) before adding the desired way part to the relation.

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answered 10 Dec '14, 13:33

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@Febs: Don't confuse relations with ways. In OSM a relation is a separate element, next to nodes and ways.

(10 Dec '14, 14:36) scai ♦

Or in JOSM, add the ways to the relation, which is somewhat more logical.

(10 Dec '14, 17:19) yvecai

@yvecai: Logical is in the eye of the beholder. Fortunately, we have several editors, so you can choose the one that seems most logical to you.

(10 Dec '14, 18:50) Richard ♦
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