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Can anyone help me with the mapping of Brunel Way ( Brunel way ends at its junction with Barnes Wallis Road. It does not connect directly to the roundabout as shown on the map, although Barnes Wallis Road does. However, if I simply delete that section of Brunel Way, I suspect that I would break National Cycle Route 236, which is shown as including the non-existent section of Brunel Way. Probably the cycle route includes a section of Barnes Wallis Road, but I am reluctant to map it in that way as it would be pure speculation on my part. Can anyone tell me how to confirm the actual path of the cycle route?

asked 07 Dec '14, 19:26

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IF you inspect the relation and click on “view history”, Brunel Way was added in changeset 25254421 by user pompeybug. Although relation histories can be complicated by edits that split ways for other purposes your best bet is to talk to that user.

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answered 07 Dec '14, 21:59

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Yes - the way history also shows that they extended Brunel Way to the roundabout. Maybe they were trying to fill in a gap in the cycle route? Asking them via an OSM message seems like the best idea. If it had been after the beginning of November, when Changeset Discussions were introduced, then a comment there would also have worked and would arguably have been better since it allows other people to be aware of the conversation.

If for any reason you can't get into contact with the previous mapper maybe add an OSM note asking locals exactly where the cycle route goes?

(although here, from the aerial imagery, there don't seem to be a whole lot of other options)

(07 Dec '14, 23:48) SomeoneElse ♦

I contacted pompeybug, and he very promptly resolved the problem. Thanks to all concerned.

(09 Dec '14, 08:12) Madryn
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