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The ISO-OSM consistency checker reports an error here (http://www.itoworld.com/product/data/osm_analysis/map_browser?bbox=457651.675781,105760.027396,458155.294844,106068.996146&layers=os_locator&base_style=white,aa_2&clear_map_history=true&referrer=area). Compass Point is the spur off the southern end of Elmhurst Road, and is correctly named in OSM. The individual lanes, where Gosport Road joins the Quay Street Roundabout, are not individually named. I have two related questions:

  1. How, if at all, can I indicate in OSM that the road names in this area are correct and that the comparison data appears to be wrong?
  2. Is is possible to inspect the raw data that the ITO website is comparing with OSM, to gain a better understanding of what has gone wrong?

asked 07 Dec '14, 13:30

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The dataset is OS Locator which has to be requested from:


Since the data format is a bespoke text description you need bespoke tools to use it (or just inspect it manually since it is plain text).

The Wiki contains further detail about how one may use this data.


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answered 09 Dec '14, 19:55

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I downloaded the OS Locator data, and it shows that a small part of the A32 (Gosport Road), where it joins the Quay Street roundabout, is called Compass Point. That seems unlikely, but there are no signs giving any other name to that short section of road, so I am leaving OSM unchanged. At least there is general agreement that the spur off Elmhurst Road is called Compass Point.

(22 Dec '14, 22:48) Madryn
  1. If you are confident you know the correct name:

not:name=Compass Point

you can also add notes eg:

not:name:note=The individual lanes, where Gosport Road joins the Quay Street Roundabout, are not individually named


It is not unusual for Ordnance survey (which I assume the OS locator to be) to have a few incorrect street names, whether by error or to check for plagiarism.

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answered 09 Dec '14, 03:11

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