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As you can see on the rendering queue always peaks at 1k entries. Why is that and what happens with further submissions to the queue if it is already on limit?

asked 19 Mar '11, 13:56

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It's a compile-time limit built into renderd - the dirty queue has the 1k limit, and the request and priority-request queues have similar but much shorter limits.

The idea is that renderd can only render so many metatiles each second, and after a while the backlog can become so large that it's not really worth tracking any more tiles than are what is in the queue already.

If you request an old tile when the dirty queue is full, it's not added to the list that needs re-rendering. However, when the backlog is worked through and is no longer full, any further requests for the old tile triggers it being added to the queue.

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answered 20 Mar '11, 10:54

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Andy Allan
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This means that if the queue is full some tiles will never get rendered?

(21 Mar '11, 08:15) ALE

"never" is the wrong word - if the queue is full it'll be added to the queue the next time it is viewed (so long as the queue isn't full at that point). That's what the last part of my answer says.

(21 Mar '11, 21:24) Andy Allan

If it happens to you that I tile is not rendered properly, e.g. was, you can check its status by appending /status to the URI or /dirty to force rerendering. E.g.

(25 Mar '11, 11:36) bot47

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