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It is quite common to have a building with a commercial use on the ground level and residential apartments on top.

Or a larger apartment block with several different shops on the ground level.

What is the best approach in this case?

(I take it they have to be done in Potlatch and not so much iD if I am not mistaken)

asked 04 Dec '14, 16:00

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I'd tag the building using the Duck test. If the building is primarily a residential building, tag it as such. If there are commercial businesses on the ground floor, you can then add them as separate nodes with level=0 (or whatever level is relevant).

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answered 04 Dec '14, 19:39

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Hi KiloKilo, you could have tried to add youre question in the blank window above. It would lead you to this answer, It looks like the same as yours.

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answered 04 Dec '14, 16:56

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I did read the post you refer to. However if I would go with that post;

Under 1; taking the option of entrances. How do I differentiate between the entrances? entrance1=commercial & entrance2=residential?

Under 2; They decide to give the building levels and use those. A similar question would come up; Would it then be building:level1=commercial & building:level2-5=residential?

And what if there are multiple shops below the apartments?

Beside this. I take it this has to be done in P2 or can it be done in iD as well? Or should I use a different one?

(04 Dec '14, 18:53) KiloKilo

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