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I've noticed that the "McDonald's" preset has cuisine=burger, but "Pizza Hut" has no cuisine. It appears the presets are compiled as part of the iD build, but it's not clear why some presets have more tags than others.

asked 29 Nov '14, 15:55

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AFAIK this issue has nothing to do with presets. Name based tag suggestions for iD and vespucci are generated from https://github.com/osmlab/name-suggestion-index which in turn is generated from an OSM planet dump.

That naturally doesn't explain the difference except that perhaps Pizza Huts may simply not have a cuisine tag very often and that it doesn't turn up in the index for that reason. In any case you should probably create an issue in the name-suggestion-index repository.

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answered 29 Nov '14, 21:07

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Hi. read these pages about the development of the OSM Id editor, https://www.mapbox.com/osmdev/ http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.comp.gis.openstreetmap.devel/27337 or ask your question there. You might get a good and sturdy answer.

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answered 29 Nov '14, 16:09

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