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While editing and straightening out roads in a Dallas suburb, I noticed roads that were signed as state highways instead being named as "frontage roads" (service roads) for a tollway they are located next to.

I've driven down these roads and have noticed TxDOT (Texas Dept. of Trans.) signs that identify the road as "SH-161" although on municipal signs they're identified as "frontage roads" in an abbreviated manner.

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I'm wondering, do I go for the State designation (SH 161) or keep them as-is? On the same point, do we name prefix them as "SH" (state highway) or "TX" ("LA" in Louisiana; "OK" in Oklahoma"; "OR" in Oregon)?

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Both "frontages" of that should be the same name as the turnpike itself. TX 161 (which would be the correct ref value) operates as the free lanes of the turnpike in that section (Texas is pretty known for sandwiching a turnpike in free frontages and calling it a state highway).

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I saw this, and I went ahead and changed the reference value. The frontage roads are labelled as "George Bush Turnpike Frontage Roads", so I left those as-is.

Thanks for the 'quick' response,


(22 Dec '14, 15:07) AgentBlue

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