How can I find the list of individual contributors based on their contribution ? (I want to invite them to participate in a survey.)


asked 13 Nov '14, 05:11

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Shima R
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Based on what exactly? The number of changesets? The number of nodes, ways, relations created, modified or deleted? The number of added, modified or deleted tags? What about imports? The number of GPS traces? The number of active mapping days? The number of created, commented or closed notes? The lines of code contributed to a popular OSM software? The number of bug reports created, commented or resolved? The number of help questions answered? Wiki pages? Posts on the mailing list, blogs or forum? :)

(13 Nov '14, 07:53) scai ♦

If you're looking for random OSM statistics I suggest that you look at Pascal Neis' site. There's lots to keep you busy there!

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answered 13 Nov '14, 09:39

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SomeoneElse ♦
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You can find some sites reporting statistics but you shouldn't trust them. Since some contributors perform mainly imports, they stats numbers can be very high in amount of edits. These numbers in terms of OSM "quality and progress" is low. Unfortunatelly, it is not easy to separate real ground contributions from imports. So instead of the 10 most amount of edits, we miss a system where we can count contributions coming from local knowledge.
Differently said, 'quantity' doesn't mean 'quality'.

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answered 13 Nov '14, 10:48

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In interest of full disclosure, which also reinforces Pieren's point, one of those sites is on the OSM website: http://www.openstreetmap.org/stats/data_stats.html I think this shows "tops" by number of nodes affected. From looking at some of the users, this appears to favor importers and those making changes to big ways/relations.

(13 Nov '14, 14:42) neuhausr

Hi Shima R, Scai and SomeoneElse described the diversity off OSM and its members. There’s also the privacy of the members. I would suggest posting your plan together with an invitation to several Fora to gather your participants, if the members like your plan they’ll react positive. And remember that not every participant follows the Fora, instead of mailing them directly. And yes I know you could retrieve the contributors by following every name and send them your question. The availability of the mail addresses in the OSM community is in my humble opinion just for internal questions about some contributions to OSM that were questionable, compliments are seldom made. In the Netherlands they made a large import of every building just by asking who wants to participate ! They succeeded it’s done in one year.

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answered 13 Nov '14, 10:51

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