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This seems like a glaring oversight to me, and I do not believe that I have corrected it in the correct manner. Karachi is the largest city in Pakistan. While also a district of the Sindh province, it is still a city in its own right and should be labeled on the Pakistan map accordingly. I placed a city point on the map, but don't believe it is reflected at the proper level.

The equivalent would be looking at a map of New York City, but never seeing "New York" on the map, only Queens, Brooklyn, etc.

Maybe a veteran can assist and help correct this issue?


asked 11 Nov '14, 20:29

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The question has been closed for the following reason "This is a rendering suggestion, not a question as such" by Richard 12 Nov '14, 16:07

This is really a rendering issue and not a question as such. This site is intended for questions only.

You can raise rendering issues at the issue-tracker for the default map style:

Note that other styles made from OpenStreetMap data, such as MapQuest Open (available via the layer switcher), show Karachi more prominently.

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answered 12 Nov '14, 16:06

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I appreciate your response.This was a question, and belonged on this site for two reasons. The first being that the word Karachi not showing up at all seemed anomalous. I was looking for confirmation of such a large oversight. Second, I was unsure if my entry was made properly given how it showed up. Again, I needed this single problem fixed and wanted to ensure I did it right.

(12 Nov '14, 16:18) gr8rgis

Hi gr8rgis, remember that the display of a city name depends on the renderer. Zoom in and youll get other and more area (city) names. For instance, take Birmingham at zoom level 15 the name disappears, nothing wrong with the tagging scheme. Karachi shows at level 14 and is lost at the levels 15 and 13. And please read this as well, with some explaining about taggng nodes, languages and areas. Since an area (conglomorate) could contain several city's.

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answered 12 Nov '14, 00:32

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I appreciate your response. I had read the article shown but went back and added some more tags. I do understand that cities encompass other elements such as suburbs, towns, etc. However using your own example, when I view Birmingham on a map, I see the city name on many zoom levels and it appears at the appropriate high levels. Typically the size of a city dictates how far out you can zoom and still expect to see it on a map. At 20M+ you should see Karachi at many levels.

(12 Nov '14, 15:03) gr8rgis

The tagging of that city node is correct.

Would guess that the name is not rendered on the main mapnik style because of the missing fonts of letters that make up that city name. You can see the city name rendered correctly with some other styles. For example on the Mapquest open and on the transportation maps.

(12 Nov '14, 16:14) RM87

The place tag is used on a single node to mark the centre of a named settlement as well as on the whole area to mark its extent. place=city, for instance en_name=Karachi, nat_name=... and so on. The suburbs however can be marked as a node. The borders of Karachi should be added to the map, to make the extent of the city visible.

(12 Nov '14, 16:55) Hendrikklaas

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