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When I try to download the 38 GB Planet OSM from here:

About 12 hours later I get a 4.98 GB zipped planet-141029.osm file. In side the file is 5.3 GB.

What happened to the 38 GB file that I downloaded?

Please forward me the exact steps necessary to download and then start using.

Please recommended any necessary tools/links.

Thank you, Craig

asked 11 Nov '14, 20:18

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aseerel4c26 ♦

Are you sure that the downloaded file is 4.98? If it is 3.98 GB, please check that your file system and OS supports files bigger than 4GB.

(11 Nov '14, 20:28) aseerel4c26 ♦


The zipped downloaded file is 4.98 GB.

The unzipped (internal) downloaded file is 5.357927356 GB.

My OS is win 7. Outside of that how does one verify they their systems supports files bigger than 4GB?

Thank you, Craig

(11 Nov '14, 20:37) dek

Okay, thanks. If you would use FAT32 under Windows (both, the usual versions) you could not save files larger than 4 GB. It was just an possibility I thought of (based on the similar file size). How you could verify? Yours obviously can handle files bigger than 4GB, otherwise you could not save a 4.98 GB file.

(11 Nov '14, 21:52) aseerel4c26 ♦

Aside from the whyever problem here: may a thematic or country extract of the planet be enough for you? See the sections on planet.osm in our docu wiki.

(11 Nov '14, 22:46) aseerel4c26 ♦

When I attempt to "unzip" the plant file I get the following error:

WinRAR: Diagnostic Messages: \\planet-141029.osm.bz2: Unexpected end of archive

(15 Nov '14, 19:17) dek

That's because the download failed part of the way through. Try either EdLoach's or aseerel4c26's suggestions to fix it (or a smaller extract).

(15 Nov '14, 23:16) SomeoneElse ♦
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Try installing wget which can resume the download if it is interrupted. But as per aseerel4c26's comment, are you sure you need the whole planet file? Your question asks how you start using it, so perhaps you need to tell us what it is you are hoping to do before you try downloading it again?

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answered 11 Nov '14, 23:37

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EdLoach ♦
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  1. If download was interrupted then wouldn't I get a corrupted file?

  2. I was not aware that I can start with smaller regions. Just trying to download a mapping data base to test out in a a gui.

Thank you, Craig

(11 Nov '14, 23:47) dek

Re "wouldn't I get a corrupted file?" I bet the MD5 of what you've downloaded doesn't match :-)

It might be interesting to see what you have got (perhaps with something from, but I'm guessing that bunzip2 is just not returning the error that you'd expect.

(11 Nov '14, 23:59) SomeoneElse ♦

Many GUI download managers (or even browsers) also support resuming downloads (but only if the server supports it). I sometimes use DownThemAll.

(12 Nov '14, 00:40) aseerel4c26 ♦

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