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Is there any way to buy all the tiles from openstreetmap/mapnik instead of downloading.

asked 07 Nov '14, 09:20

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Essentially, there are many different solutions depending on what you plan on doing. If you expand on your requirements, more specific answers can be given

(07 Nov '14, 11:40) DaCor

You can't buy tiles from OpenStreetMap (we don't provide paid-for services) and the Tile Usage Policy expressly prohibits you downloading them all.

You may be able to find a commercial provider who will do this for you. The list at is a good start. Bear in mind that "all the tiles" - every zoom level for the whole world - would require an unimaginably vast amount of storage.

Alternatively, you can download the data from OSM and create the tiles yourself. Again, is the best resource for getting started.

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answered 07 Nov '14, 10:15

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In addition to storage, at 10 tiles per second "all tiles" (to z19) would take over 1161 years to render (this includes the ocean ones).

(07 Nov '14, 16:13) EdLoach ♦

or in other words, with 5 metatiles per second and rendering "only" until zoom 18 and using 10 servers like this, you'd be done in 10 months, ending up with 2/3 of all your tiles being blue ocean tiles ;-)

(12 Nov '14, 13:58) dieterdreist

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