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Hello -

Yesterday I updated my planet.osm file using osmosis (for the first time!) and the updated planet_new.osm file is smaller than the original planet.osm. This is not the result I expected, I expect the updated file to always be larger, unless there has been an (extensive) clean up. By the numbers:

25.9gb planet.osm.pbf from 25 September

1.9gb "update.osc.gz from 5 November

21.3gb planet_new.osm.pbf from 5 November

Before I post my "update" code I am wondering if these results are correct.

Thanks, pitney

asked 06 Nov '14, 18:38

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There's quite some detail missing in your question. Can you post the exact steps you performed as well, e.g. exact command line arguments, how you created update.osc.gz, etc.

Do you know osmupdate? This tool might come in handy to update your pbf file, as it runs all required download and merge steps automatically without much need for user intervention.

(08 Nov '14, 14:05) mmd

mmd -

Thank you for the suggestion on osmupdate, it worked better for me. First I installed osmtools (for osmconvert (zlib)) from here:

then osmupdate. I may still have an issue because I am using a planet file from osm2garmin (trying to avoid that 26gb download) but I am good to go for now. How do I mark this as closed? pitney

(13 Nov '14, 17:52) pitney

@pitney: and now your file is not smaller any more?

(13 Nov '14, 18:02) aseerel4c26 ♦

@pitney: If mmd's comment would be an "answer", you could accept it. Converting would also work, but not currently (software bug). I have closed this question in the alternative.

(13 Nov '14, 18:02) aseerel4c26 ♦

The question has been closed for the following reason "Solved. See comments below (osmupdate worked better)." by aseerel4c26 13 Nov '14, 18:05

Hmm, the full planet pbf files did not get smaller recently (and I am not aware of a recent big cleanup). So, yes, this seems to be strange.

Note: I really may not be the best person to answer this (because I got really no experience with planet files or OSM DBs).

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answered 08 Nov '14, 02:52

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