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For example we have a medical university campus where there are buildings that are hospital buildings (too). I would map the university buildings as building=university and the hospital buildings as building=hospital, but what should I do with the amenity they are in? Should it be amenity=university or amenity=hospital? Or should I use one for mapping the area and the other one on a node in the middle of the area?

Are there good mapping examples in this topic?

asked 03 Nov '14, 16:17

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  • For the building type: use the type which is the most characteristic one for this building. Tag it as university building if it looks like all other university buildings around. I guess the building type will matter for much less data users than the amenity tags.
  • amenity (schematic example image):
    • The university amenity tag should exist only one time for the whole university. So, likely this will be on an area (closed way) or even a multipolygon.
    • And, yes, the hospital amenity tag is additional to the university then (there is an university and an hospital and you can easily map it what way). Map the hospital amenity area inside the university amenity area (sorry, I cannot find a good example). You do not need to cut out the hospital areas from the university area, since the hospitals belong to the university too. Depending on how big the hospital area is, use it on an area (maybe simply the hospital building or as a new way if there are multiple buildings and places forming the hospital) or is it just a small part of the building which is an hospital, then maybe a node would be the best way.

Also see our docu wiki for those tags: hospital and university, of course.

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answered 03 Nov '14, 18:21

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@totymedli: thanks, I have tried to clarify. Maybe someone else finds a good example. The ones I have found are university hospitals but are neither inside the general university area nor associated with one by a relation (example, which also has many amenity=hospital, which is not really according to one feature, one element). However, that's not a rule. As there are very few "rules" in the OSM world in general.

I have added a drawing, hope that helps. If not … maybe I have understood your question wrongly.

(03 Nov '14, 22:08) aseerel4c26 ♦

I'm not sure if this is what aseerel4c26 is saying or not, but in the case of a university hospital that is separated from the rest of the university campus, you could tag the way amenity=hospital, then add that way to a amenity=university relation

(04 Nov '14, 14:17) neuhausr

@neuhausr: Thank you. That's nearly what I am saying or, at least, meaning, yes. Contrary to your assumption, I assumed (see my image) that the hospital campus is not separate from the rest of the university campus. The geographic constellation is not that clear in the question.

(04 Nov '14, 17:28) aseerel4c26 ♦

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