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Overlapping link after log in. I can't click on links I want. I have to expand the window to another desktop.

(sorry to post here - I didn't find a proper place)

can't click

asked 02 Nov '14, 09:54

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closed 02 Nov '14, 12:27

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Richard ♦

Obviously that's Firefox (it says so in the corner) but what version on what platform? What I'd expect to see is the "overlapping stuff" be compressed into a "more" drop-down. I wonder if it's a problem because it's showing Greek translations?

(02 Nov '14, 10:58) SomeoneElse ♦

Yeah, I guess it is the long Greek words. Quite the same happens with English, if you use (increase) the text zoom (only text) of Firefox (and probably other browsers). Apparently the "responsive" design is based on fixed pixel widths.

(02 Nov '14, 12:06) aseerel4c26 ♦

Nice idea, I decreased the font size with ctrl+- and i can link.

(03 Nov '14, 08:29) clavisound

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Thanks for the report. This is a questions-and-answers site, not a bug tracker. OpenStreetMap website issues should be reported at

permanent link

answered 02 Nov '14, 12:26

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Richard ♦
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… and an overview where to best report bugs is at:

(02 Nov '14, 12:30) aseerel4c26 ♦
(03 Nov '14, 08:24) clavisound

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