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I've noticed that there is a delay with Mapnik on the OpenStreetMap website and also that it doesn't always actually re-render tiles. I've already run into a number of spots where a few hours later I had to tell it the tile was dirty to get it to re-render.

Is there a OpenStreetMap based map application that displays live data from OpenStreetMap's database in a Mapnik style aesthetic? I know that any of the editors will use live data, but I just want to be able to survey the work that I've done every now and then to look for mistakes, things I missed, or things that just don't look quite right.

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Also worth noting that I know that Mapnik is supposed to re-render every minute. It just doesn't always, so I am looking for an alternative to it.

(01 Nov '14, 13:15) zellfaze

"Mapnik" is just a piece of software; how fast or slowly it runs depends entirely on the environment that it runs in. OpenStreetMap's "standard" tiles have been slower than normal recently for a couple of reasons - a recent style update, and previous to that a problem with a disk on one of the servers.

It's worth bearing in mind that there are 4 sets of tiles available on - you may find that another set is updated before the "standard" ones are. If that doesn't work, the simplest answer is probably just to select the data layer - if you've moved something, that's the easiest way of seeing where you've moved it to.

Another option is to set up your own tile server. Depending on size of the area that you're interested in and the hardware you have available, you may find that your own rendering server is actually significantly faster than's "standard" tiles. I find that a virtual machine using only some of the resources of a desktop PC is able to render tiles faster in the (small**) area that I'm interested in, mainly because there's only one person requesting tiles (me). You can even, with a bit of browser externsion magic, make your tiles appear to you on

** essentially England and Wales between southwestern South Wales and northeastern North Yorkshire

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No, there is no such map that is publicly accessible. It is relatively simple to set one up however, by forgoing tile caching altogether and re-calculating each tile every time it is viewed. Offering that publicly however would very quickly bring down even the fastest server.

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answered 01 Nov '14, 13:32

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