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I walked a path today that I hadn't walked along ever before. This one I was interested who had mapped it so I fired up Potlatch2 and even under the advance tab it shows as a residential boundary not a footpath, with no other info. There is no footpath tag, i would expect to see both under advanced key (see screenshot below).

I tried iD and it there as a footpath but it don't see who mapped it. I then tried JOSM and it doesn't show a path just the residential boundary.

I wondered if it had been deleted so I have waited 8 hours and the path is still rendered on all layers but can only be seen in the iD editor. WHY?

A screenshot: screenshot of Potlatch 2

asked 30 Oct '14, 19:53

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andy mackey
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aseerel4c26 ♦

It does now appear P2, no i didn't dream it! how odd

(30 Oct '14, 20:04) andy mackey

I can see it with JOSM as well now so nothing to see now. Anybody out there that will admit to experiencing the same problem. should I just delete the question?

(30 Oct '14, 20:11) andy mackey

Thanks escada,SomeoneElse and aseereic26 problem solved. I had not seen that problem before.

(30 Oct '14, 22:11) andy mackey

Both lines (boundary and footpath) are drawn above one another. In JOSM I have to use the ALT-key (on a Mac) to toggle the selection between the boundary and the footpath. Maybe the first time you had the boundary on top and the second time the footpath ?

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answered 30 Oct '14, 20:13

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great thanks, what about P2 i just looked and it as gone again

(30 Oct '14, 20:16) andy mackey

Both ways are there; they use the same nodes. In P2, to select the other way, click a node and press "/" (on an English keyboard; will be different on e.g. a German one). See the Potlatch 2 shortcuts in our wiki for details on how to select the other way. You will notice that the tags and the way id (as far as I remember it is shown in the advanced view) change when you switch between the different ways.

Side note: Personally I wouldn't have any sort of highway sharing nodes with landuse; it's difficult to think of a situation where it reflects reality and it makes editing very difficult indeed.

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answered 30 Oct '14, 21:47

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SomeoneElse ♦
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aseerel4c26 ♦

Re side note: I contacted, and complemented the mapper on the large amount of work he as completed. I linked the question to him, he thanked me for the info and said he will avoid node sharing.

(31 Oct '14, 22:25) andy mackey

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