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Hey folks,

my final goal is to get the maxspeed information for the different ways in my gpx track file, which I planned in a router. Is there any route planning software you know of, that is already doing this? Or how do I query this information best?

I am a newbie, so in case this is too general, point me to things I should look at first and I will come back to you prepared better!


asked 29 Oct '14, 10:01

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GPSPrune will display a GPX on an openstreetmap (choices) and it is primarily for pruning traces, you can also see speed or altitude shown as a graph which is useful as max speeds aren't much good as a GPX will often have some high speed spikes. GPXPune is a little JAVA prog so you will have to install java as well, (which you may have already done if you use JOSM), All this software is available for free. Re-reading your question, you may be trying to put speed limits into the trace you are creating, my first reading was that you were trying to see the speeds in the trace already recorded, could you make that clear?

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answered 29 Oct '14, 11:04

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andy mackey
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Yes, I am trying to get the speed limit information correlated with the gpx of the trace. I found that Navit's speed warning uses the routeprofile to work with the maxspeed tag, so that might be an option. Unfortunately navit uses the tracking.item = current position. I want to gather the information without actual driving...

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answered 29 Oct '14, 11:51

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