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I have done some tinkering with the coastline of Oahu, Hawaii.

The changes are rendering properly in the main map, but they don't seem to be propagating to the alternate map renderings (cycle map, humanitarian, Mapquest, transport).

I would assume this is a rendering issue, but it has been several weeks, and a couple of bugs have opened noting the alternate map rendering problems. I am not sure what to do to diagnose the issue, any suggestions?

asked 27 Oct '14, 21:53

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aseerel4c26 ♦

Well, the slower update cycle likely is intended (updates cost processing power). Coastlines are treated specially (other than other map features - see other questions here), so what you see is not fully unexpected to me. I am not sure if messaging these guys is already needed.

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answered 28 Oct '14, 01:57

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@ase - yes, I did see other comments and questions, My impression was that coastline updates were on the order of a couple times a week, while other edits was something like daily. which is consistent with my experience of the faulty coastline being propagated to the alternate map renderings, just wanted to be sure I did not somehow break things with my updates.

Since you say this slow update is in the realm of expectation, I will hold off bothering anyone further about it for now and put a reminder to myself to check on this again in a month.

(28 Oct '14, 02:22) Adapted Engi...

@adapted: well, yes if you observed the propagation of the faulty one... then the other way round should be on an similar time scale. However, if the standard style has it right now, I would not be too worried. I am not aware of any increased fault tolerance in that style compared to the other styles. By the way: while Wai'anae is flooded in the cycle map and transport map, I it is not in the humanitarian and MQ Open (if you still see it flooded there, try to refresh your browser cache with Ctrl+F5).

(28 Oct '14, 03:49) aseerel4c26 ♦

Yes, the 2 mentioned maps are not flooded (blue) there but they are missing water areas (Pearl Harbour on land). Though, there is a problem there in the source data. The missing inland water is present both in rivers (with no holes) and in lakes (with holes/islands). I suggest you keep only the last one (the version in lakes with holes/islands).

(28 Oct '14, 12:22) sanser

Hi Adapted Engi, since the changes have occurred on the OSM slippy map, did you send this question to the operators of the maps using the OSM material ? The operators could have refreshment times longer terms then you’ve mentioned.

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answered 28 Oct '14, 00:07

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I did not send this question anywhere but here, but I would be happy to pass it along to the appropriate people. Who would be these operators you refer to?

(28 Oct '14, 00:51) Adapted Engi...

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