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As I edit features in Taiwan, I noticed many major roadways/towns are named like this

name: Chinese (English)
name-zh: Chinese
name-en: English

(Let's call this scheme 1)

As a result, the mapnik render on shows "Chinese (English)", perhaps... to maximize accessibility, and I appreciate that. But the wiki guideline clearly states

(Let's call this scheme 2)

And at least to me, this makes more sense. If we apply scheme 1 to all roads, bus stops, and buildings, the map is going to clutter. There are tools to display open street map in a specific language. And more non-latin-script cities use scheme 2 (Beijing, Athens, Moscow, Tokyo. Seoul has scheme 2). That said, I feel hesitant to undo the work of many other volunteers before me.

Please advise.


asked 27 Oct '14, 17:11

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It's worth mentioning, perhaps, that the different maps available from handle different language names in different ways. Compare for example the standard map, cycle map and Mapquest for an area of China.

(27 Oct '14, 17:39) SomeoneElse ♦

The WikiProject Taiwan tagging page recommends scheme 1.

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answered 27 Oct '14, 17:32

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Hi fosius_luminis,

Due to the increase local mappers in Taiwan, scheme 2 is more popular than the old scheme 1. I change description on the OSMwiki Taiwan tagging page to scheme 2. And using Overpass Turbo + Level0 to convert the street name in scheme 1 into scheme 2.

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answered 13 Sep '15, 16:29

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Please don't take unilateral changes. And certainly don't mass-edit objects. It puts a big pressure on all computers following DB changes: the renderer, the search engine and all external ones.

(14 Sep '15, 09:37) Sanderd17

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