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Is there a special tag for marking a bio-bridge? They usually are on multi-lane highways and should allow wildlife to cross the highwas due to environmental reasons. There is no road on the bridge, only grass and maybe a fence and some trees to create a more "natural" habitat so that wildlife does not fear to cross. Public traffic is of course restricted to these bridges.

Examples from the Czech Republic:

asked 27 Oct '14, 11:27

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I was asked privately about those 3 ecoducts in the first photo being so close to each other - they were probably demanded as "ecologic" requirements for the highway construction (EIA? Legitimately?). However, seems like the investor (Czech gov.) rather built those 3 bridges because there may have been no other way to go (no highway otherwise). It smells a bit of corruption on some level though (eco-activist cooperating with construction company to push cost higher). Someone should really investigate that. Location is here:

(30 Oct '14, 10:56) Kozuch

Hi Kozuch, consider man_made=wildlife_crossing follow these links or and add the vegatation on top.

permanent link

answered 27 Oct '14, 11:58

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The wiki contains some further explanations and examples for man_made=wildlife_crossing.

(27 Oct '14, 12:09) scai ♦

Ok, seems like the correct name for bio-bridge is "ecoduct".

(27 Oct '14, 13:13) Kozuch

Very impressive quality and quantity I haven't seen anything anywhere near as good in the UK, Duct suggest tunnels or pipes to me which are probably ideal for frogs, newts and rodents. I found this

(27 Oct '14, 13:34) andy mackey

although this suggestion doesn't suggest a duct is underground.

(27 Oct '14, 13:37) andy mackey

The term "ecoduct" is a variation of the term "viaduct", which is an above-ground object. Think of it as a short form for "eco-viaduct".

(27 Oct '14, 16:15) alester

Andy, I struggled with viaduct and aquaduct as well, but we have a Wiki article. A pipe for bashers is IMHO an ecoduct, made for animals to cross a traffic stream, layer + or -. I d like to change large animals into migrating animals still.

(27 Oct '14, 16:27) Hendrikklaas

I'm guessing "bashers" above means "badgers"?

(27 Oct '14, 16:56) SomeoneElse ♦

Thanks correct, a black and white nightly guest. They got the first ecoducts, a plastic tunnel is cheaper to do then an Ecoduct.

(27 Oct '14, 17:06) Hendrikklaas
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You can use the following tags together at the centre of the wildlife bridge (draw it as a line):

width=[Number of metres]

highway=path with bridge

And of course



for the wildlife protection.

And maybe you can use this tags for the bridge area:



permanent link

answered 28 Oct '14, 12:43

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aseerel4c26 ♦


Highways have default access values which wouldn't be appropriate for one of these wildlife crossings. For example, the global default for paths is that foot, bicycle, and horse are allowed, which they certainly aren't in reality for a wildlife crossing. You'd probably want to add access=no if you're going to tag it with one of the highway tags.

(29 Oct '14, 17:14) alester

In my opinion a wildlife crossing doesn't belong into the highway category at all.

(29 Oct '14, 17:32) scai ♦

Scai take a look here, the largest European Ecoduct, Witch as I like it to see, a path or track to cross over the highway being a barrier for every wanderer or biker, multifunctional. So it’s a bridge with a highway=track isn’t it ?

(29 Oct '14, 22:49) Hendrikklaas

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