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Are there any precanned OSM server setups that contain the database, data loader and anything else you need to get an open streetmap database up quickly? Im going to use the database to mainly generate tiles, but I also want to use the data for analysis if need be.

Ive searched the internets, but alas I failed.

Hopefully someone can help me out.

If there are no packages, I would like just a good set of nonlinux set of instructions.


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I suspect that the short answer on Windows is "no".

Given the state of Windows support of some of the tools (being worked on, but not quite there yet, resulting in issues including this one) it'll certainly be easier to install Linux in a VM and work there.

For rendering slippymap tiles, I'd install Ubuntu 14.04 in a VM and then follow the switch2osm instructions.

For Nominatim (address lookups) I believe that these instructions are the current ones, and I'd be tempted to do it in a different VM, which might make it easier to balance memory usage on the VM host.

If you really want to do it on Windows by all means have a go - there are various blog posts, SOTM presentations and bits of Github documentation that you'll need to draw on, so not really a "canned solution".

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answered 27 Oct '14, 12:27

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I have to work with Redhat Linux, do these instructions apply to that flavor of Linux?

(27 Oct '14, 14:09) ajc2014

You'll need to follow the "manual" rather than a "packaged" instructions. The parts of the instructions that are likely to be Ubuntu specific are:

o Package installation. You'll need to locate equivalent Redhat packages to the Ubuntu ones specified. In some cases the name will be the same, in others a bit of web searching ("redhat equivalent to ubuntu X") might be needed.

o Apache config. I suspect you might need to tinker a bit here

o Other config file placement. Some scripts may need adjusting because files are in the Redhat default location not the Ubuntu one.

(27 Oct '14, 15:01) SomeoneElse ♦

Sam Larsen gave a talk about using OSM tools under Windows at SotM-13. See

I have made use of OSM tools under Windows for around 5 years. I have experienced most problems with Osmosis and (more recently) with osm2pgsql. My general approach is to create a single bin directory for all these tools (osmosis,osm2pgsql,osmfilter,osmconvert,mkgmap,mapnik) and I usually run commands from that directory. Anything else seems to involve a mass of complications with paths etc which will get mangled by new software.

The OSGeo4W package from the OSGEO consortium is more or less essential. Attempting to install individual components such as ogr2ogr is just a recipe for pain. Cygwin is also very useful.

TileMill works well, but working with the default CartoCSS stylesheet is difficult because many tabs are not accessible and editing with a text editor can lead to code page problems.

PostgreSQL & PostGIS are very easily installed from standard packages.

Broadly the osm2pgsql, PostGIS, TileMill & mapnik chain works fine on Windows from XP through to Win 8.1. Some knowledge of PostgreSQL is useful on any platform even though people persist in treating it as a black box.

I still find it a shame how little thought is given to how OSM tools might run under Windows (for example, in the past at least one had "/" hard-coded as the directory separator).

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answered 28 Oct '14, 12:21

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