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Is there a way to conditionally branch within the preset or to apply different tags based on a choice, if this do that, else do this? I use a basic preset to tag bridges. I first break the highway in two places and then with the center segment selected, apply the preset which simply applies the tags bridge=yes and layer=1. What I would like to be able to do is choose whether to apply the bridge tagging or instead, break a stream into sections and set tags to tunnel=culvert and layer=-1 on its center segment.


asked 24 Oct '14, 03:49

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If I understand you correctly, you want to have the -same- preset apply different tags depending on the existing tags of the selected object.

It may be possible to do something with the "match" attribute to emulate the behavior you want, however I haven't tested it. The real place to look at is the relevant JOSM source code. Or maybe ask on the "editors" forum.

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answered 24 Oct '14, 13:46

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Not quite. The applied tags would not depend on any existing tags. I want to combine two presets into one, sort of. Rather than having a separate preset for bridge and one for tunnel/ culvert, I would like a choice presented in the preset so that if I select "Bridge" it applies the bridge tags (bridge=yes and layer=1) and if I select Tunnel it applies the tags for tunnel=culvert and layer=-1

(25 Oct '14, 01:25) AlaskaDave

Hi AlaskaDave, are you building an automated editor ? Did you consider the use of the copy button (edit - nr. 3) in JOSM, it works fine as long as you stick to the same items. Start with the well equipped stations, copy and delete the unnecessary keys afterwards.

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answered 24 Oct '14, 13:12

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@Hendrik - Not an automated editor but a single preset with some choices available, sort of the way you can create a drop-down list inside a preset. JOSM already has this sort of automatic tagging but you must work through three different menus (Presets>Water>Tunnel) to get to the one for tunnel, for example.

I know I can copy tags from an existing object (if one happens to be nearby) but I want to automate the process to suit my needs better.

(25 Oct '14, 01:32) AlaskaDave

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