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Dears, could you please inform me if there are an Api that can give us the distance between A and B using API? Like Google Distance Matrix API.


asked 22 Oct '14, 12:27

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Danil Rudakov
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Hi guys,

I would like to do the same as the question ask, but is it free ?

(21 Aug '21, 09:56) hunae

Yes, OSRM (Open Source Routing Machine) provides this feature - both for point-to-point queries and for matrices.

See There is a public instance at which is available for light usage within the terms of use (see the OSRM wiki). An example matrix call would be:,-90.11&loc=30.44,-91.18&loc=30.45,-91.22&loc=30.42,-91.15

If you have more significant needs, you can set up your own instance of OSRM.

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answered 22 Oct '14, 12:48

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Richard ♦
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This sounds interesting, is this p2p only? How about for matrices, i.e. m2m? Also, is this using geo coords only? Is there support for addresses? Or a way to identify the geo coords for an address? Thank you...

(31 Aug '20, 15:27) mwpowelllde

There is also the GraphHopper Directions API based on OSM data with a Matrix API providing times and distances. (Note: I'm the author of GraphHopper)

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answered 26 Mar '15, 21:50

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Dislaimer: I work for iGeolise

The TravelTime API can be used to calculate the true distance from A to B (rather than as the crow flies) as well as calculating the travel time between the two points (plus lots more). Sign up for an API key here.

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answered 16 Jun '16, 10:37

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Is the map data based on OSM?

(16 Jun '16, 11:37) scai ♦

as far as i found OSRM only provides a travel-time-matrix (although they call it distance matrix). if i am wrong, please post, because i am looking for distance matrices

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answered 29 Jun '16, 08:30

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