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Hi there,

I have been using OpenStreetMaps for sometimes now but recently have discovered that names in the country of Kosovo have been changed to Cyrillic. The rest of the map, when you zoom in, is ok which means all street names and places are proper. Is there a way to modify this? I am having problems since it is not appropriate to display Cyrillic maps.

As this was modified recently, could you please help me to modify it back so it would show the city names correctly.

Thanks in advance.

asked 21 Oct '14, 10:44

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I suppose some of those name=* were changed from Albanian to Serbian language ? The name:sq and name:sr tags should be correct (and you can always use a map rendering that prefers name:sq over name if that's what you can read). Can you provide a link to one place that is wrongly tagged ?

Which language is chosen for the actual name tag is often a tricky subject in multilingual countries. The way to handle this in OSM is a combination on the ground rule (good practice and disputes) and local mappers consensus.

I'm not sure what the status is in Kosovo. Those edits might be correct, depending on that status. Try contacting the original mapper (you can find him by zooming in to a village that got renamed, activating the data layer, and clicking on the village node to see the editing history) or the Kosovo Mailing list.

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answered 21 Oct '14, 11:36

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This is the link:

If you can see from here, the names of the cities and villages are in Cyrillic, if you zoom in, you see that all other names, streets etc are in Latin letters. And this happened recently.

Could you please tell me or instruct me as to how to use name:sq tag in my website to use the names I prefer?

Thanks a lot for you help.

(25 Oct '14, 20:31) JetonSiqeca

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