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What is the best way to insert a (movable) slippy map with marker to an OSM-wiki page?

asked 13 Mar '11, 19:24

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I'm guessing you need to smile at the wiki admins and get them to install the MediaWiki Maps extension

Alternatively contact the developers of the installed SlippyMap extension and see if they'll address this line of code:

if ($marker) $error = 'marker support is disactivated on the OSM wiki pending discussions about wiki syntax';

as I can't find any discussions on the wiki (why not just mlat and mlon as optional?). MediaWiki suggests future development of this plugin is unlikely, but not sure where they got that information from.

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answered 13 Mar '11, 20:25

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I'm the developer of the original MediaWiki extension (including the cited line of code with the "pending discussions" error message) I keep meaning to look into this some more. I used to worry a lot about establishing wiki syntax which we would then not be able to change easily because all the pages would be using it. Worth thinking about, but I was probably worrying more than necessary.

Part of the reason I never got around to tackling this some more, is that I've grown frustrated with use of my own extension. It slows down wiki page loading. I prefer the 'Simple Image' extension.

(14 Mar '11, 14:48) Harry Wood

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