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I want to edit the perimeter of a University Residence which from one side is surrounded by a fence and the other half by a wall.

I am using the label landuse=residential for the area comprising the residence limits, and wanted to add the labels barrier=fence and barrier=wall in each segment of that landuse polygon.

When splitting the polygon in half to add the above said barrier labels, JOSM warns me that the polygon is not closed. Hence, I assume the way I tried to map this feature is not correct.

Could anyone tell me which is the best way to map this kind of feature combination? should I map the barriers separately from the landuse polygon, or is there a way to make them fit into the same geometry?

asked 18 Oct '14, 04:22

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(10 Dec '16, 16:36) sleske

I would leave the boundary defining the landuse boundary as is. I would then draw the fence re-using the same nodes that make up the landuse boundary where convenient and give it a tag barrier=fence. Then draw the walled section in the same manner and give it a tag barrier=wall. So you end up with three items, the landuse boundary, the fence and the wall the last two of which follow a section of the boundary.
At a later stage if the boundary, fence or wall are altered the map editor won't need to sort out an unnecessary relation, but simply alter each entity as required because each will be able to be selected individually.

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answered 18 Oct '14, 05:35

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This in practice is easier and more maintainable than the multipolygon relation approach: I now only use the latter for very large areas or ones with one or more holes.

(18 Oct '14, 11:01) SK53 ♦

Thank you for your answer. I think I will stick with this methodology.

(18 Oct '14, 17:46) Lluís_BB

Sounds like you will want to use a relation to specify the area. Pretty easy with JOSM: Just select the ways forming the perimeter and hit the button icon for new relation. The tags you would have put on the area you put on the relation.

The slightly confusing part is that there is no simple area relation, so you will use the multipolygon relation type and all the ways will have a role of "outer"


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answered 18 Oct '14, 05:04

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Thanks for your answer. It shed some light in the use of this kind of relations.

(18 Oct '14, 18:01) Lluís_BB

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