The Charles River Esplanade in Boston is showing water where there should be land. If you zoom in near the Hatch Shell there should be a lagoon. The outline is shown but the image is water and it should be land. I am not sure how to fix this but was wondering if someone else can?alt text

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I looked but do not see the problem. I corrected the spelling of Arthur Fiedler's name (was Fielder) on the footbridge and his memorial while I was mucking about but cannot see any land where there should be lagoon or water where there should be land.

Which editor are you using? Perhaps your map data is old?

(18 Oct '14, 03:28) AlaskaDave


I just had a look at this: The problem seems to be this way which overlaps with this way, which is correctly mapped as multipolygon.

The solution is probably to delete way 303073437, after making sure that all parts are covered by other water areas. You can also delete the water tags from way 198529787 as they are not needed for the multipolygon.

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answered 19 Oct '14, 22:49

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Thank you I tried to go in and change the tag but was unable to isolate the specific area from the entire body of water that is tagged.

(22 Oct '14, 17:13) bucs3282

I actually deleted 198529787, as that covered a smaller part of 303073437. The esplanade areas I then made an inner part of a multipolygon with 303073437 as the outer role. Seems to be rendering as expected now.

(23 Oct '14, 15:04) neuhausr
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